Sure4G FAQ

Do I need a new SIM?

  • Yes. You need a Sure4G SIM to use our 4G service. Existing residential 2G mobile customers can swap their 2G SIM for a Sure4G SIM free of charge.

What areas of Diego Garcia are covered by Sure4G?

  • Sure4G has improved island coverage compared to our 2G foneplus cellular network. Coverage includes: Downtown, Splendidville, Seabreeze, Palmsville, Harbor Ops, AIMD, North Ramp, South Ramp and Thunder Cove.

What 4G Band does Sure4G operate on?

  • Sure4G operates on Band 20. If your handset or cellular tablet is not Band 20 Compatible you can buy a compatible handset or a mobile WiFi device in the Sure shop.

How do I top up my Credit?

  • You can top up your Sure4G credit over the counter in our shop or using one of our top-up cards. Top-up cards are available in $10 and $20 values and are available in our shop or through the Sure vending machines located around the island. You must use a Sure4G top-up card, Sure foneplus top-up cards cannot be used to top up your Sure4G account.

How do I check my usage and credit?

  • You can use our new web based selfcare to manage your Sure4G account. You can use web selfcare to: Check your credit, activate a data bundle, top-up your credit with a top-up card. Selfcare automatically adjusts to device screen size. You don’t need a valid data package to access self-care, it works even when your data bundle has expired.
  • Click the button, to access Sure4G Self Care. -->  4GData

How long are data bundles valid for?

  • Three data bundles are available, 1 gigabyte, 2 gigabyte and 3 gigabytes, they are valid for up 30 days from activation.

What happens when I run out of data?

  • When you run out of data you will still be able to access the Sure4G selfcare website to activate another data bundle.

Can I Activate to more than one data bundle?

  • Yes, you can activate more than one data bundle. Sure 4G will always use the first activated bundle and will not start using the subsequent bundles until the first bundle has been used up or has expired.

What about voice and SMS services?

  • We will be launching 4G voice and 4G SMS services in April 2020. You will need a Sure foneplus cellular 2G SIM to make voice calls and send SMS from your cell phone.

Will I get a new number?

  • You will get a new number when you move to Sure4G. Sure4G numbers will be +246 381 XXXX. If you have a foneplus cellular 2G SIM, we plan that the last four digits of your new Sure4G number will be the same as the last four digits of your Sure foneplus cellular 2G number however we cannot guarantee this.

Can I transfer credit from my Sure foneplus cellular to my Sure 4G account?

  • Sure4G and Sure foneplus cellular 2G use separate systems and it is not possible to transfer credit from one account to another. The two networks will run in parallel for 12 months so there is plenty of time to use up your Sure foneplus cellular 2G credit.

What if I still want to use foneplus WiFi and make international phone calls?

  • If you want to use foneplus WiFi or make international voice calls from any fixed line phone you will need to have a Sure foneplus card. It is not possible to use Sure4G credit for foneplus WiFi and make international phone calls.