Sure4G Voice and SMS

The Sure4G network uses VoLTE technology for voice calls and SMS services. If calling between Sure4G handsets or calling landlines, VoLTE technology will usually give better voice quality and quicker call set up times. Handsets must be VoLTE compatible and network certified to use VoLTE technology.


How do I know I’m using VoLTE?

If your handset is connected to the VoLTE network it displays a VoLTE symbol in the top line of your handset display. They vary slightly but generally look like the examples below. Some handsets show the letters HD to indicate VoLTE instead.

VoLTE Bars 5VoLTE Bars 4


Migration from 2G Voice and SMS

If you are migrating from 2G voice, we will make the last four digits of your Sure4G number the same as the last four digits of your 2G number. Your number will change from +246 380 XXXX to +246 381 XXXX.


What if my handset Is not VoLTE Compatible?

If your handset is not VoLTE compatible then you can continue to use our 2G foneplus mobile for voice and SMS. Sure will operate the 2G foneplus network in parallel to Sure4G until at least April 2022.


Handset Compatibility

The majority of handset vendors only open their handsets for VoLTE once network certification testing of their devices has been undertaken on a carrier’s network. The tested networks are then included in the vendor’s carrier database on their handsets to allow service. VoLTE certification is required for voice and SMS services.

The Sure Group has an ongoing VoLTE certification programme with Samsung and Apple being priority handsets. Timelines for handset certification are not yet finalised.

Once a handset has been certified by the vendor you will need to update the operating system software on your handset to download the latest carrier database to enable your handset to use Sure4G VoLTE.


Sure VoLTE App - Available Now

Sure have now launched an Android App which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The App will integrate with the native dialler on your handset and will allow voice calls to be made using handsets using the Android operating system and using Android 5.0 or later. The App does not support SMS.

 The App will also enable you to make calls over your residential broadband connection using your WiFi if you have no 4G signal. Calls made this way will be charged to your Sure4G account.

Which Handsets can I use Today


Many North American/Asia sourced Xiaomi handsets can be VoLTE unlocked by dialling a simple code, they will then work on the Sure4G network with both voice and SMS. European sourced models don’t unlock.


iPhones using iOS15 are fully Sure4G compatible and support data, voice and SMS. iPhones using iOS14 or earlier support voice and data but they do not support SMS. iPhones must be version 6S or newer to work on Sure4G.


Can I use the Samsung handset I’ve purchased from Sure?

Samsung handsets sold by Sure will not be Sure4G VoLTE compatible until Samsung certification has been completed, Samsung is a priority part of the Sure Group VoLTE certification programme.