Company Information

Our History

We have been operating on Diego Garcia since 1982, under a licence issued by the British Government to provide international public telecommunications services on the island of Diego Garcia. In April 2013, we were acquired by the Batelco Group.

To underpin these important changes to our business, with effect from 19th August 2013 we changed our name from Cable & Wireless (Diego Garcia) Limited to Sure (Diego Garcia) Limited. Sure International is the corporate division of the business, enabling companies that operate on the island to reliably and efficiently connect and transact with their global partners.

As of 1 January 2017, Sure's operations in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man and in the South Atlantic and Diego Garcia started to be managed as one group, headquartered in Guernsey.

Our group structure offers scale and reach which, coupled with the robust relationships we have with international connectivity providers, gives you the assurance that we can provide whatever you want, wherever you want.

The Batelco Group

Listed on the Bahrain Bourse and with a history dating back 150 years, Batelco Group provides Sure with a stable and secure foundation from which to continue making major investments in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and in the South Atlantic and Diego Garcia.

Batelco Group’s values align closely with our own at Sure, focusing on the delivery of innovation, value and excellent customer service, making Batelco and Sure, ideal communications partners.