• Sure4G brings you high speed mobile data across the operational areas of Diego Garcia making it easier to keep in touch with home. Data bundles available from as little as $10 for 1GB of data.

• Improved island coverage – Sure4G coverage includes Downtown, Villages, Harbor Ops, AIMD/North Ramp, South Ramp and Thunder Cove.

• Manage your credit with our convenient and simple to use web-based self-care at

• Top-up your credit with our new Sure4G top-up cards

• Continue to use our foneplus cellular 2G service for voice and SMS. 4G voice and SMS will be available from April 2020.

• Use your existing handset or cellular device or buy a new handset from Sure.

• Sure4G operates on Band20.


Sure4G Tariffs

Three residential bundles and one bundle designed for businesses but available to all customers.

Sure4G Mobile Data

Sure4G Mobile Data is a new service from Sure, available anywhere that you have mobile reception, from Downtown to Tent City including the Villages.

4G Mobile Devices

Bringing your own handset• Buy a new handset from Sure• You are welcome to use your own handset• You can use any existing Band 20 (800 Mhz) handset• We can test your handset to ensure compatibility before you sign up