• Sure4G brings you high speed mobile data across the operational areas of Diego Garcia making it easier to keep in touch with home. Data bundles available from as little as $10 for 1GB of data.

• Improved island coverage – Sure4G coverage includes Downtown, Villages, Harbor Ops, AIMD/North Ramp, South Ramp and Thunder Cove.

• Manage your credit with our convenient and simple to use web-based self-care at

• Top-up your credit with our new Sure4G top-up cards

• Continue to use our foneplus cellular 2G service for voice and SMS. 4G voice and SMS will be available from April 2020.

• Use your existing handset or cellular device or buy a new handset from Sure.

• Sure4G operates on Band20.


Sure4G Tariffs

Three residential bundles and one bundle designed for businesses but available to all customers.

Sure4G Mobile Data

Sure4G Mobile Data is a new service from Sure, available anywhere that you have mobile reception, from Downtown to Tent City including the Villages.

Sure4G FAQ

Do I need a new SIM?Yes. You need a Sure4G SIM to use our 4G service. Existing residential 2G mobile customers can swap their 2G SIM for a Sure4G SIM free of charge. What areas of Diego Garcia are covered by Sure4G?Sure4G has improved island coverage compared to our 2G...