What are eSIMs?

An eSIM is a virtual SIM card that’s pre-installed on newer devices, which removes the need to insert a physical SIM. They work just like physical SIM cards by storing the data your device needs to use the Sure network.

What is an eSIM QR code?

When you visit the retail store and opt for eSIM, we'll give you  QR (Quick Response) code for you to scan. QR codes are designed to be scanned using your smartphone's camera, and this is how we will download your eSIM profile to your device.

What is an eSIM profile?

An eSIM profile is a virtual profile that stores users’ subscription and network settings.

How can I get an eSIM?

eSIMs are currently available for $10 at the Sure shop. Our staff will help you activate your eSIM.

Which mobile phones are compatible with the eSIM?

As a guide, the following models are compatible:
Apple - iPhone XS, iPhone XR and later models;
Samsung - Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Flip, Galaxy Note 20 and later models;
Google - Pixel 3 and later models;
Sony - Xperia IV and later models;
For all other brands - Oppo, Huawei, Motorola and Nokia - please visit the manufacturer's website.

Which wearables are compatible with the eSIM?

We do not currently offer eSIM for wearable devices such as smartwatches.

Can I use my QR code more than once?

No, the QR code is single use only. Once you have downloaded your eSIM profile to your phone, the QR code will become ineffective.

What should I do if I lose my phone that has an active eSIM?

If your phone is lost or stolen, it’s important to contact us and report it straight away. Call us at 3709000 or visit the shop.

How do I get a replacement eSIM?

The QR code is single use only. Once you have downloaded your eSIM to your phone, the QR Activation code will become ineffective. If you need a replacement for some reason, please visit the shop.

What happens to my eSIM Profile if I reset my device?

Resetting your smartphone will also delete the eSIM profile from your device and you will need a new Activation card to reset your eSIM profile. Please visit the shop if you're facing this issue, our opening times are here.

How do I get my service back if my eSIM profile has been deleted or is missing?

You will need a new activation card to reset your eSIM profile. Our friendly staff would be delighted to help you, pop in during operating hours.