Mobile Data 2G

Mobile Data is a new service from Sure, available anywhere that you have mobile reception, including Downtown, the villages and the Harbour Ops area.

Mobile Data offers always-on access to the Internet and to your emails. It is ideal for use with many Apps such as Chikka, YM, WhatsApp, Line, Viber & Skype (chat only). It is not designed to replace your residential broadband connection.


How Much?

Data is provided in bundles of 125 MB or 250 MB, and are valid for a period of up to 30 days. When you use up your data allowance or exceed 30 days, just activate again. These bundles are available for the low cost of $10 (125 MB) and $15 (250 MB).


How it Works

Mobile Data is activated and managed using SMS. All SMS messages to manage mobile data are free.

• Send an SMS to 189 with the message “Data 100” or “Data 200” to activate the mobile data service. You will receive a confirmation message.

• Send an SMS to 189 with the message “Usage” to check your mobile data balance. You will receive an SMS advising the remaining data allowance in MB and remaining days.



You need to manage your own data usage. As well as using SMS to check your balance, we will send out an automated SMS when you reach 90% of your data allowance or you have three days remaining. Click here for typical usage.



You need to configure the data settings on your handset to use mobile data. Click here for typical data settings.